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Thai massage

February 06, 2023

Thai massage or Thai handicrafts It is another important science and art. of academic principles of Thai traditional medicine in the fight against various ailments Thai massage today is Thai wisdom that have been integrated together with knowledge of medical science in other medical systems Until developing into Thai massage with a unique identity And has been widely accepted both domestically and internationally.

Thai massage is the science of examination, diagnosis, therapy, promotion and restoration of health. by means of pressing, rolling, squeezing, bending, pulling, compressing and baking according to the academic principles of Thai traditional medicine herbal compress, herbal steam, as well as ruesi datton exercises It is also classified as a body of knowledge in Thai massage.

Thai massage can be divided according to the purpose into 2 types: relaxation massage and therapeutic massage Relaxation massage is a massage to promote health. relaxes the muscles Therapeutic massage section It is a massage for a specific purpose. in therapeutic Or treat patients such as massage to fix sunken shoulder blades neck massage

In addition, Thai massage may have two different styles of massage, namely the royal court massage. and traditional massage The royal court massage was originally a massage. to offer to the King and high-ranking royalty in the royal court. The transfer of this massage method must consider the qualifications of the learners thoroughly There are steps in teaching By emphasizing the ethics of massage. At present, it is used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system. As for the traditional or general massage It's a common massage. Use inheritance from generation to generation. By practicing and telling There is a massage pattern according to the local culture. coupled with experience accumulation of masseuses In the past, this kind of Thai massage science was often taught and studied in the homes of masseuse teachers, but nowadays there is a general teaching. according to educational institutions or institutions related to Thai traditional medicine

according to the academic principles of Thai traditional medicine The human body is made up of many "lines" or "ligaments" or "ligaments" within these lines. It will be the flow of "blood" and "wind", which in normal conditions will flow in balance. If there is an obstruction Or obstructing the flow of blood and such wind will cause illness and various abnormal symptoms occur such as aches, dizziness, flatulence. Thai traditional medicine will treat illnesses or symptoms by using drugs or by Massage by pressing, rolling, squeezing, bending and pulling on the relevant points and lines. To encourage blood and wind to circulate normally.

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